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  2. Hey, very nice slide calculator. I just saw it on hackaday.com
    A small usage tip (and maybe a suggestion for the next version): Put the two pieces of paper over each other, and make a horizontal fold about 1 cm from the bottom. It is now much easier to align the two.

    • Good Idea. If I find myself using the slide rule a lot, I might have it laminated in such a way that the back page fits in a sleeve behind the front page.

  3. OMG THIS IS AWESOME! How difficult would it be to adapt the cello one to violin? Is there a specific program you made these in that people could use the source file to try creating ones for other instruments?

    • The cello version could be changed to a violin just by transposing the notes. The program I used was excel, and it was easy to do once I saw the pattern, but not quite comfortable giving out the source file.

  4. I agree about keeping the source file – I wouldn’t want to share it just yet.
    But I WOULD like to see a Violin version…? 🙂

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  6. This is really cool! I do have a tiny nit-picky problem with the use of only flats; I know that with most pianos being tuned in equal temperament that F#/Gb are enharmonic, but when we talk about scales we usually only have one kind of each note in each scale – for example, there’s a G# in the key of A, not an Ab, because then there would be 2 As and no Gs in the scale.

    I know for the keyboard layout just using #s or bs to save space is fine, as some keys will have a G# and some will have an Ab, but there should be sharps in your minor key names. This is because the key that is a fifth above B is F#, simply because the fifth of any B is going to be some kind of F (a fifth above Bb is F natural). It would be too confusing if we used some kind of G for the fifth of B (G is always the fifth of C).

  7. It would be cool to see something for flute, though I’m not sure how it could be done…

    Genius little idea and you’ve carried it out both simply and neatly. Very well done sir.

  8. How can I download this piano scale slider. i have problems printing it. My email is *******************


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