About Magnetovore


Magnetovore is about new ways of making music.

We combine the power and possibility of electronic sound with the structure and tradition of familiar instruments. And by creating musical instruments that are both novel and expressive, we unlock sounds that musicians could not before perform. 

We are also vested in creating accessories that help musicians learn and master established instruments.


Our first instrument is the Magnetic Cello. This instrument has the same form as the acoustic cello but is played using magnetic induction. With the Magnetic Cello, we combined an established way of playing music with a unlikely way of creating sound. By working with musicians, we found the expressive possibilities unique to magnetic articulation.

Our first accessory is the Guitar Chord Card. By sliding these set of cards against each other, a guitarist can find every common guitar chord card. We have designed the cards to be small enough to fit into a wallet’s credit card slot.


There are currently two Magnetic Cellos out in the world (I’m keeping a third one with me in California). The instrument is now in limited production, and we’re working on packaging and tuning the next round of Magnetic Cellos, which will be available very soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in the instrument, please fill out this form or email us.

We are selling the Guitar Chord Card online, and they will soon be available in retail in California music stores. We are also working on new iterations and instruments for the cards.


Current Locations of Magnetic Cellos (More Soon)

We are in the early stages of developing more instruments and designing  more chord cards for other instruments. Expect more products in the coming years!