About the Magnetic Cello

The Magnetic Cello is an electronic musical instrument that gives musicians entirely new ways to make music. Using properties of magnetism previously unexplored in music, the instrument unlocks unexpected and expressive sounds that have never before been performed.

Our first focus on the instrument was not on creating a novelty, but on creating a complete and playable instrument. We have accomplished this by fitting the instrument into the tried-and-true form factor of the acoustic cello. The instrument can be picked up quickly by cellists, and is approachable to any musician.


Musicians plays the Magnetic Cello using three regions:

  • Magnetic Coil: Articulate the instrument by “bowing” a magnet about the coil. Changing the velocity, distance, and position of the magnet relative to the coil will induce different electric fields in the coil and create in different volume envelopes.
  • Resistive Ribbon: Pitch is controlled by pressing along an electrical membrane on the instrument’s neck. Pressing lower on the “string” creates a higher pitched notes. The tappering thickness of the neck and the spacing between notes on the string is the same as that of the acoustic cello.
  • String Select: Unlike an acoustic cello, this instrument has only one string. A thumb switch mounted on the magnetic bow is used to quickly select between the four tuning of the string–A, D, G, and C by default.

This instrument also comes with:

  • Low Maintenance Tuning: The Magnetic Cello comes pre-tuned like an acoustic cello and seldom needs tuning, as it is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. However, each string can be tuned to any desired frequency, from E1 to C4, using the tuner nuts on the underside of the instrument.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: 4 standard AA batteries provide more than 24 hours of battery life. These batteries are easy to access from the side of the instrument and can be replaced as needed.
  • Tone and Volume Control: 4 preset tones to choose from, and a master volume control.
  • Versatile Endpin: The instrument can be supported against the ground by an included adjustable height peg, or affixed to any standard microphone stand.

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