The Team

ScienceIconI am David Levi, a Cal Poly Electrical Engineering Junior. I began tinkering with electronics and playing cello during high school. I started working on (very) rough prototypes of what became the Magnetic Cello for fun and to learn more about electronics, but after realizing that the instrument was something that musicians could use, I decided to complete the instrument.

I’m the sole owner of Magnetovore, but I couldn’t have gotten this far without others. I’d like to thank the people and resources who’ve helped me so far.

  • Larry Lee for designing the coil housing, bow, and body and neck of the Magnetic Cello. You designed some great parts. I learned so much about CAD and laser cutters from you. I’ll be modifying the files you created as I build more, but the choices you made will propagate for many iterations. Good luck in the world of professional architecture!
  • Michael and Tristan for the awesome demos. I can only play Twinkle Twinkle on the instrument so many times–it was you two who showed the world (or, at least, internet) the possibilities the instrument holds. Let’s make more videos sometime.
  • Michael and Tristan and Tricia et al. for the feedback on the prototypes.  You braved the instrument back when it still had rough edges, kluged connectors, and weird noise, and showed me what needed to change. Without you, the instrument wouldn’t have a tapered neck or enough magnets in the bow.
  • Richard for showing me a better way of connecting the wooden body to the neck, and for building a batch of wooden parts for the Magnetic Cello
  • Hank for helping me figure out how to actually sell a product.
  • Sara for fetching me a bunch of bubble wrap.

I’d also like to thank:

  • The Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Club for showing me that what was just a hobby in high school had potential.
  • The Cal Poly Engineering college for giving me and Larry full access to lab space over the summer.
  • The Cal Poly EE Department for teaching me some theory behind all my hands-on knowledge. Also, thanks for lending me an oscope last summer Dr. D!
  • The Cal Poly Mustang ’60 Shop for letting me and Larry use the laser cutter all the time summer 2012.
  • James Clerk Maxwell for doing the math.